You found my secret blog 🤩

Well done on solving the NavCube. You are one smart cookie and clearly have what it takes to be a software engineer. Either that or I gave you the /?cheatCode=true link...

Pssst... this page uses a noindex meta tag to hide itself from Google so that only the worthy may find it 😈


A little project of mine for the last couple of years has been an online shared meditation space called just-sitting. Over time it has garnered a little attention but I've never marketed it in any meaningful way.

That was until a friend of mine got involved in the project. He's a super smart guy with a practical mind, and to top it all off he has experience with sales and B2B business models. He quickly started brainstorming B2B integrations for the app and we are now building the marketing site alongside the social advertising strategy and scheming up the price points and packages to offer. I'll update this when there is a bit more to show!


Here is me singing a lil' song that I wrote. Yes it's about having a crush, how cringe. Hope you enjoy it!